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Any given chance is a podcast about the hard work and sacrifice that goes into success. Not only out there in competition but in the day to day grind we call life. These are stories of people just like you and me, some you may know, some you don’t and their ability to continue to chase success even when all feels lost.

AGC gives us all a chance to ask ourselves Why do we do, What we do? What is the purpose behind our actions and what are we willing to give to make our dreams, goals and thoughts come to reality.

Piece by piece we put our own story together. Learning and growing as we mover forward. Stronger, Faster, Smarter. AGC shares those traits of people who are trying to make a difference to the world, it shares their skill, talent, drive and hunger. It gives us insight to their tools they use, the structure, the methods and most importantly their emotions and how much of themselves they give.

Any Given Chance is exactly that. Make the most of any opportunity that presents its self. Make the most of every failure and every victory. Make sure we don’t ever regret missing our chance.

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